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    Posted on Oct 15, 2017

    21 Inspirational Kitchen Transformations That Prove Contractors Are Magicians

    Is it just me or are you hungry now too?

    1. This update is life-changing:

    2. This reno brought this kitchen into the 21st century:

    3. It's amazing what changes you can make to your current space:

    4. Bye bye wallpaper, hello stainless steel:

    5. Moving a few things around can really open up the space:

    6. Adding windows might be expensive, but totally worth it:

    7. All that light, omg:

    8. Some new paint never hurt anybody:

    9. Tell that old ceiling, good riddance!

    10. Yes, you can always add MORE cabinets:

    11. The new tiles changed everything:

    12. Did someone say marble?! Yes please:

    13. This kitchen was better off without the woodgrain:

    14. Don't underestimate the value of new fixtures and appliances:

    15. This island is a beautiful touch here:

    16. The little office nook under the window is a perfect example of form and function:

    17. In this case, removing the island was ideal:

    18. This kitchen we from a dark den to a modern dream:

    19. Wooooow:

    20. And finally, if you have the space, a new layout is never a bad idea:

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