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    Hey Dudes, Here's The Underwear You Should Buy Right Now

    No pair is created equally.

    Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

    Underwear is pretty essential. It protects your junk, after all. But how many of us have been guilty of letting our underwear go a little (or a lot) beyond its lifespan? Here are some fun ways to spice up your skivvies, for any situation you might find yourself in.

    1. For the active guy who works out a lot:

    Under Armour / Via

    Working out is hard enough, you don't want your underwear to fail you at the gym or during a run. Active underwear let you stretch further and move better all while holding everything in place. Besides that many of the pairs are engineered to wick away sweat, and some of them even prevent all the bad smells that often come along with a highly active lifestyle.

    Budget: Adidas: Athletic Stretch, $24 (pack of two)

    Moderate: Under Armour: Boxerjock, $25

    Splurge: Lululemon: Lock 'Em Down Boxer, $38

    2. For the guy who sweats a lot:

    Mack Weldon / Via

    Sweating downstairs is real as fuck, especially in the summer months. These are a few options that help to wick away the sweat and keep the funk under control whether you're sitting at your desk, walking around, or if you're just a heavy sweater. Bonus points to Mack Weldon's silver underwear because they promise that the added "silver" in the material helps to keep you so fresh and clean that you can wear them for five days straight without washing. While that's kinda gross, it's also pretty fucking impressive too.

    Budget: Hanes: X-Temp Active Cool, $16.49 (pack of three)

    Moderate: Mack Weldon: Silver, $34

    Splurge: Tommy John: Air Icon, $48

    3. For the guy looking for everyday comfort:

    Pair of Thieves / Via

    Comfort is super important when it comes to underwear, you want to put them on and forget that they're there. These three options are perfect for wearing an entire day and then some.

    Budget: Pair of Thieves: SuperFit, $12.99

    Moderate: MeUndies: Boxer Brief, $20

    Splurge: Calvin Klein: Liquid Stretch Micro, $30

    4. For the guy looking for a deal:

    Hanes / Via

    I get it, you don't want to spend a ton of money on underwear. That's fine, because even if you don't want to splurge, you still need options. What if you miss laundry one week and need some clean underpants? Pick up a pack of one of these options and make sure you're comfortable and clean in any situation.

    Budget: Hanes Men's Tagless Boxer Brief, $12.99 (pack of five)

    Moderate: Hanes: Ultimate Comfort Soft Waistband, $25.25 (pack of five)

    Splurge: Jockey: Seamfree, $9.99

    5. For the guy looking for designer:

    Emporio Armani / Via

    For the guy who wants to keep his junk in the lap of luxury (pun intended). Here are a few options (besides Calvin Klein), that will help you to feel great, look good, and might even win you a few compliments. The idea is that these are made from high quality materials and should last you a long time.

    Budget: 2(X)ist: Essential, $38 (pack of three)

    Moderate: Emporio Armani: Knit Cotton Trunks, $26

    Luxury: Versace: Solid Elasticized Waist Boxer Briefs, $60

    6. For the guy looking to spice up a sexy night:

    Marco Marco / Via

    Sexy time can be fun with or without your underpants on. When they're on, make sure that you look the part when the time comes. These options enhance your package, and help you to look and feel great. Your date will be sure to thank you.

    Budget: C-IN2: C-Theory Punt Trunk, $26

    Moderate: Marco Marco: Shuffle Boxer Brief, $28

    Luxury: Rufskin: Mahino, $66

    7. For the guy who wears briefs:

    Aussiebum / Via

    For the guys who prefer more support in the form of a brief, here are a few options to help you feel comfortable. An added benefit is that if you're wearing loose pants (like gym shorts) briefs help hold everything in so you're not giving the public a view of your "moose knuckle."

    Budget: Aussiebum: Taylor, $8.20 (currently on sale)

    Moderate: Diesel: Umbx-Shawn, $11 (currently 50% off)

    Luxury: Saxx: 3Six Five Brief Fly, $27.95

    8. For guys who prefer boxers:

    Hanes / Via

    Boxers are a classic. If you're well endowed, or just prefer a more comfortable fix, then look no further.

    Budget: Hanes Men's Tagless ComfortSoft Knit Boxers, $15.99 (pack of five)

    Moderate: Duluth Trading Co.: Buck Naked Performance Boxers, $22.50

    Luxury: Intimo: Classic Silk Boxers, $24.99

    9. For guys who hates stretch/lycra:

    Calvin Klein / Via

    Some guys hate stretch, I get it. The material can sometimes get uncomfortable and ride up when they're supposed to stay in place. If you're one of those guys then here are a few 100% cotton or bamboo options that put comfort over

    Budget: Hanes Ringer Boxer Brief, $15.99 (pack of five, currently on sale)

    Moderate: Calvin Klein: Cotton Classic Boxer Brief, $34 (pack of three)

    Luxury: Cariloha: Bamboo Boxer Briefs, $22

    10. For the guy who wants some color/fun prints:

    Happy Socks / Via

    If like to have fun with your undies, then look no further. Colorful prints are a fun way to spice up your style whether you do or don't have to dress up every day. There are hundreds of styles and colors for any style or situation, but here are a few options:

    Budget: Ikat: Print Boxer Brief, $12 ($24 for a pair of three)

    Moderate: Happy Socks Balloons Boxer Brief, $20

    Luxury: Stance: Basilone, $28

    Now go forth, in good underwear.

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