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    19 Aesthetically Pleasing Lunches That Are Almost Too Beautiful To Eat


    1. This cute kitty looks delectable.

    2. This adorable creature is all snuggly.

    3. This portrait:

    4. This delightful thing:

    5. This sleepy masterpiece:

    6. THIS Pokemon fantasy:

    7. Or this:

    8. The force will be with you with this bento:

    9. Fly, fly right into my tummy:

    10. Pay attention to this one video game fans:

    11. Shhhhh...don't wake the sleepy bear:

    12. I don't know what these are, but I want to eat them up:

    13. This one really brings out the organizer in me:

    14. The colors:

    15. OK but this one is almost like too cute to eat:

    16. Get. In. My. Belly:

    17. Yum:

    18. This is beautiful:

    19. And finally, this work of actual art: