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    Updated on Jan 8, 2020. Posted on Oct 22, 2017

    19 Aesthetically Pleasing Lunches That Are Almost Too Beautiful To Eat


    1. This cute kitty looks delectable.

    2. This adorable creature is all snuggly.

    3. This portrait:

    4. This delightful thing:

    5. This sleepy masterpiece:

    6. THIS Pokemon fantasy:

    7. Or this:

    8. The force will be with you with this bento:

    9. Fly, fly right into my tummy:

    10. Pay attention to this one video game fans:

    11. Shhhhh...don't wake the sleepy bear:

    12. I don't know what these are, but I want to eat them up:

    13. This one really brings out the organizer in me:

    14. The colors:

    15. OK but this one is almost like too cute to eat:

    16. Get. In. My. Belly:

    17. Yum:

    18. This is beautiful:

    19. And finally, this work of actual art: