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    Here Are 14 Popular '90s Guys Trends Vs. What's Trendy Today

    What was better, now or then?

    Then: bowl cuts reigned supreme.

    Now: the bowl cut is no more.

    Then: Oakley sunglasses were THE shit.

    Now: the mirrored aviator style is one of the most popular.

    Then: Baggy bowling shirts were everywhere.

    Now: Short sleeve patterned shirts are in.

    Then: JNCO Jeans were HUGE.

    Now: Skinny jeans are the go-to.

    Then: everyone had chunky laces and chunky sneakers.

    Now: woven sneakers are king.

    Then: everyone wanted a Starter jacket for Christmas.

    Now: bomber jackets are an outerwear staple.

    Then: Baja hoodies were far out.

    Now: Ironic graphic hoodies express how you really feel, lol.

    Then: we wore bucket hats religiously.

    Now: Dad hats aren't just for fathers.

    Then: everyone wore anything Bugle Boy.

    Now: It's all Adidas everything.

    Then: Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts were collectors items.

    Now: graphic tees are still a thing.

    Then: it was baggy vertical striped shirts.

    Now: it's camo, camo, and camo.

    Then: super colorful short shorts.

    Now: cuffed denim cutoffs.

    Then: baggy ass cargo pants.

    Now: Skinny ass cargos.

    Then: Cross Colours was all about that pop of pigment.

    Now: All black everything is always a stylish go-to.