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    3D Printing Saved This Adorable Turtle's Life

    Science FTW!

    3D printing has many creative and interesting uses. It can make door stops, clothespins, and other everyday useful items. But, it also is beneficial for animals who have been injured or deformed.

    3D Systems / Via

    Most recently, 3D printing has saved the life of this guy:

    Muhabbete Gel / Via

    After a terrible accident where the turtle was hit in the face with a propeller (from a ship) it became impossible for him to eat food.

    Muhabbete Gel / Via

    And according to Pixable, "rescuers brought the turtle to Pamukkale University in Turkey where a team headed by Professor Yakup Kaska used BTech Innovation 3D printing to outfit the turtle with a new jaw."

    Muhabbete Gel / Via

    Now, with the new medical grade titanium implant, he can live in the wild again, and eat!

    Muhabbete Gel / Via

    Hooray for science! It's saving not only the lives of humans, but of our animal friends too.

    Brad Nahill / Via

    Check out the full video (it's in Turkish) to see the entire process it took for the researches to make this turtle's new jaw.

    View this video on YouTube

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