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    19 Secrets Every Taco Bell Customer Should Know

    Yo quiero Taco Bell.

    1. Always eat the quesadilla fast, because it's the first to get cold.

    2. And if you want it crunchier, ask for it double grilled!

    3. Don't forget the creamy jalapeño sauce.

    4. Make your own custom creations.

    5. Swap out tortilla chips with Doritos.

    6. Doritos just make everything better.

    7. See what I mean:

    8. While the regular sauces are good, nacho cheese ups the ante.

    9. And you can even combine it with hot sauce for a kick!

    10. Another cheese trick: Order the quesadilla sauce for 25 cents.

    11. Even better, use guac as a dipping sauce.

    12. Protect the sauce at all costs.

    13. If for some reason you have leftovers, use a waffle iron to reheat it.

    14. While many vegans probably wouldn't consider Taco Bell, the menu in fact has many meatless and cheeseless options.


    15. Eating a Quesarito in the car is better than you thought.

    16. Spike your soda when you get home for a special treat.

    17. This may seem obvious, but mix the freezes!

    18. And if you're even THINKING of going to Chipotle, remember this:

    19. Remember to take full advantage of your car's features if available.

    And always remember to buckle up!