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    19 Cake Fails That Will Make You Pee Yourself Laughing

    They really, really tried...but failed.

    1. The resemblance here is uncanny:

    2. Would you try the one on the right for $100?

    3. Elsa is literally Frozen in my memory after this:

    4. Poor Dolly:

    5. I mean...I probably couldn't do as good as the one on the left, but it's still funny:

    6. You gotta laugh at this attempt:

    7. Hmmmm:

    8. Not gonna lie, this scared me:

    9. Amateur mistake of icing hot cakes, but still a funny fail:

    10. Oh no, Dora:

    11. Those poor cones:

    12. That second soccer ball looks a little...deflated:

    13. Not all cheesecakes are created the same:

    14. LOL:

    15. Awwww:

    16. That choo choo doesn't look like it runs:

    17. Hahaha, I see what they did here:

    18. Close enough, I guess:

    19. And finally...close enough: