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    17 Kids So Dang Funny You'll Be Howling With Laughter And Shaking Your Head

    Kids actually do the darnedest things...

    1. We'll start with this kid:

    When my youngest brother was little he was being bullied and went to my parents for help. They told him “Sticks and stones may break my bones” they then asked him to finish the phrase and he said “but chains and whips excite me” he seriously thought that was he second part.

    2. There's this adorable little girl who just wanted to be included:

    3. And then this arts and crafts project that a Dad got:

    He was looking at it upside down.

    4. This toilet paper mishap didn't go unnoticed:

    5. Oh sweet baby Ricky:

    6. Shoutout to this badass in the making:

    My 3yo said she wanted to be an astronaut, and I said she had to study hard, go to college, learn a lot of science, and take a physical fitness test, and she shrugged and said, "That's just 4 things." So she's basically a nonchalant motivational speaker.

    7. I mean, they DID follow the directions:

    8. Ha, that's dark, Audrey:

    Audrey (3yo): Tweet tweet! Me: Aw, are you a birdy? Audrey: Yes! I’m a mommy bird! Me: Where are your babies? Audrey: They’re eggs! They’re so cute!!! Me: And is there a daddy bird? Audrey, suddenly serious: He died a long time ago

    9. Princess Hot Dog has arrived:

    10. Awww and this baby thought the book was real:

    11. This girl is BRILLIANT:

    Me: "Why are these Legos all over the floor?!" 5: "To keep everyone else away; it's my computer turn." BRILLIANT.

    12. LMFAO:

    13. The girl wants what she wants:

    14. OK, this is both hilarious and creative:

    15. This kid who already was NOT having it with her new sibling:

    16. OK, but this is actually an EXCELLENT name:

    2yo referred to her coat pockets as "snack holes" and this is what I shall forever call them

    17. And finally, we've got this baby Picasso:

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