Dad Shoots Laptop: Video Hoax Exposed

This is Greg Solomon. He is going to give you detailed information as of why this is absolutely a hoax. It seems very legit, unlike Daughter Of The Laptop Shooter. Here is his story along with everything he posted on his youtube page. The dad (dads youtube) (dads facebook) even posts on Solomon's youtube page as well. Seems there's quite a battle brewing. Someone is wanting a reality show and someone else is calling their bullshit. The daughter may be part of the hoax as well.

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This is what Mr. Solomon Wrote:

In this video I expose Tommy Jordan's "Facebook Parenting" video as a hoax. The Keith Larson radio show has my video posted on their website: They have also requested an on-air interview with me concerning Tommy Jordan's hoax video.

Also, Tommy Jordan (username alornmage) has now responded to my video in the comment section below. You'll notice from Tommy's comment that he doesn't attempt to refute my video, but instead, he resorts to personally attacking and slandering me. As I've said before...the bit dog always barks.

Tommy, you know your video was a hoax...and you know that I know it.

Here's a link to the vet's mobile veterinary practice, which treats large farm animals.

A link to the vet's spay and neutering clinic. If you click the drop down menu "About Us" and then click "Staff," you'll see Tommy with the title "administrative and technical staff." What that translates to is gopher and answering the phone. If it wasn't for the vet giving him things to do at this clinic, he might have to actually find a steady job.

He calls himself an "IT guy," but the vet's clinic lists him as an employee there. If he was in fact an "IT guy," why would he be working as a helper in a vet's office?

His "website" for his "book" has a picture of him in a suit and tie attempting to look official and important.

His "book" is nothing more than an enlarged pamphlet that he paid to have printed. The "website" is also just a simple to use Wordpress theme, which is not something that any "IT guy" worth his salt would need to use.

A link to his "One Man's Junk" site that he's been trying to advertise.

As I said, if it wasn't for the vet's successful practice and hard work, he might not be able to piddle around like this and he'd possibly have to find work at a steady job.

I would advise people to check out his FaceBook page and read some of the things he has posted there. It would give you a lot of insight into his character.

Also, Tommy Jordan stated on his FaceBook page the weekend after he posted his video that he was not going to attempt to make any money from this video because it "would be sending his daughter the wrong message." He went on to say "I wasn't raised like that, and she's not being raised like that either."

Then, two days later, he monetized his video and advertisements began to appear on it....which means he's making money from it.

He recently posted the following on FaceBook...

"Facebook is a marketing medium...and I'm going to promote myself like I always have. Get over it."

The inconsistencies with this guy are glaringly obvious.

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