Kevin D.
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  • is a quick way to connect with people on Twitter! Use it at conferences, bars, birthday parties for smart children, or when you meet new henchmen! After you sign in with your Twitter account we update your location and check to see if anyone else is nearby doing the same thing. Then you can follow or unfollow whomsever you want! Q: What does it do? A: You can follow other people. That’s it. Less typing! Q: Why does it ask me about this location stuff? A: looks at your location so that it knows where you are and who is around you, even if you are driving a racecar or a fire truck. Q: There is nobody else here! A: You may be a loser or an operator of a tollbooth. Try to find more people and tell them to visit this site too. Q: What is this good for? A: Say for example that you are a member of the United States Senate and you are talking to someone interesting and you are both users of Twitter. Also, both of you are holding two beers. You can set one beer down, open, and then—still holding the other beer—you can follow this interesting person you are talking to. They can do likewise.

  • Chatroulette Adventures! Via

    I kind of went overboard on Chatroulette and came up with this image journal of my adventures making Zork jokes to strangers with my camera off. Don’t worry, no cat-men or male members.

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