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    54 Uses For Binder Clips That Will Change Your Life

    Raid your office supply closet immediately. Trust me, you're gonna wanna have a lot of these handy once you're finished reading.

    1. Cable Catcher

    2. Razor Safety Cover

    3. Beer Organizer

    4. Hanging Folder Stopper

    5. Money Clip

    6. The Best Headphone Simplifier You've Ever Used

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    7. "Hipster PDA"

    8. Emergency Cuff Links

    9. Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

    10. Monitor-Top To Do List Reminder

    11. Tea Bag Saver

    12. Pencil/Picture Holder

    13. Broken Keyboard Foot Replacement

    14. Knife Sharpening Angle Stabilizer

    15. Duvet Cover Set-Up Solution

    16. Photo Wall

    17. Easy Smartphone Dock

    18. Complex Smart Phone Dock

    19. Snail Mail Sorter

    20. Makeshift Light Box

    21. Cell Phone Car Mount

    22. Dry, Sanitary Sponge Holder

    23. Grocery Cart Shopping List Reminder

    24. Shelving Unit

    25. Food Thermometer Holder

    26. Labeled Super-Binder Clips

    27. Laundry Machine Lonely Sock Solution

    28. Kids Drawing Pad

    29. Bookmark

    30. Wrapping Paper Organizer

    31. Office Coin-Launching War Machine

    32. Document Wall Organizer


    34. Hidden Pen Holder

    35. Recipe Card Holder

    36. Arts and Crafts Project

    37. "Remote Control" Light Switch Dimmer

    38. Keychain

    39. Cubicle Grenade

    40. Pencil At-The-Ready

    41. Fashion Statement

    42. Ceiling Mop

    43. Hipster Sleeve Holder

    44. Easy Eyeglass Repair

    45. Impromptu Hair Tie

    46. Missing Button Solution

    47. Scarf Organizer

    48. Office Sculpture

    49. Trash Bag Holder-Upper

    50. Badge of Canadian Pride

    51. Coffee Filter Holder

    52. Pants Management for Bikers

    53. Stress Management / Finger Workout

    54. Binder Clip Organizer