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    23 Reasons Justin Bieber Should Not Be Famous Anymore

    This 2014, say no to Bieber.

    1. He groped a fan’s breast at a meet-and-greet

    2. He abandoned his pet monkey in Germany

    3. He showed up 2 hours late to a concert

    4. He spat on his neighbor

    5. He visited the Anne Frank House and managed to make it about himself

    6. He brought a massive entourage with him when he went on SNL

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    7. He drove recklessly through residential neighborhoods

    8. He got banned from a skydiving facility

    9. He peed into a mop bucket in a restaurant kitchen

    10. He snubbed a fan who raised $7,000 for cancer in order to meet him

    11. He spat on fans gathered outside his hotel

    12. He stuck a girl’s phone down his pants and then threw it

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    13. He had his bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall of China

    14. He started a brawl at a club

    15. He defaced public property in support of Chris Brown

    16. Ozzy Osbourne doesn't know who he is

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    17. He reportedly solicited a prostitute in Brazil

    18. Justin Bieber violated the ultimate Hockey-fan code of conduct

    19. He drives this

    20. He Posted this on his Instagram

    21. Americans hate Justin Bieber, love Adele: Poll

    22. His fans are scary and lunatic

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    23. He got naked with a guitar