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11 Signs That Let You Know You're An Upperclassman In College

There comes a moment in our college career when we realize, "wow! I'm about to be graduating pretty soon." Here's a snippet of the many thoughts, us collegians, go through when that moment happens.

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1. Your Confidence Level

Gone are the days of being that clumsy, uncoordinated and awkward freshman (and even Sophomore). You feel an overwhelming feeling of "I got this" now.

2. You don't go to parties anymore - You host them!

Remember during welcome week of your Freshman year when you trekked to all those parties with your new besties? Now, you ARE that party!

3. Deciding between Grad school, working and taking a year off....THE STRESS.

Why can't I go back to the days where the hardest decision I had to make was what color my swimsuit was gonna be for Spring break?

4. Do I want an MRS/MR degree?

You're gonna get married one day...should you start looking at prospects now? Decisions.

5. Your friends circle is getting smaller and smaller....

People change and that's ok. It's extremely unlikely that your squad will continue to be your entire floor from Freshman year.

6. Time to start Networking!

NETWORK! Network with any and everyone. You never know you're gonna need or who will be sitting on the other side of the desk interviewing you.

7. That moment when your Linkedin account becomes just as important as Instagram...

You're no longer taking pointless selfies and asking "will this be cute for Instagram?". Now it's more like..."Is this headshot professional enough for Linkedin?". EMPLOYERS ARE WATCHING, PEOPLE!

8. Being involved in a zillion organizations! don't have that much free time anymore. Being President of your Sorority, Fundraising chair of a Community Service group and a mentor to that lucky freshman can be exhausting. Don't stretch yourself too thin.

9. Apartment life..bye bye Dorms! (Unless you're a super cool RA!)

YASSS no more suitemates! Roommates are a different story, though...

10. You most likely have a pretty good sense of who you are by now.

11. And of who you wanna be...

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