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    • kennyb10

      A couple more things. Jack Horner is also the creepiest paleontologist ever as he married his 19 year old lab assistant not too long ago. Proof: Also, the best big screen president of all time, Bill Pullman, formerly taught Directing at Montana State University in Bozeman. While there he taught John Dahl, the director of Rounders.  Various celebrities own places in Montana and are regularly seen in Bozeman and Big Sky (a ski town close to Bozeman), notably Aaron Eckhart, Micheal Keaton, and Margot Kidder. When I worked in retail, I once spent half an hour helping Micheal Keaton find his keys after he misplaced them in the store. I like to think that I helped Batman find the keys to the Batmobile. I’ve also sold stuff to Two-Face and Lois Lane, so that’s cool. John Mayer also owns a place outside of Bozeman and regularly hangs out at a bar downtown called Plonk. Coincidentally, Plonk is the douchiest bar in Bozeman. :P

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