The Evolution Of Female Revenge Songs

Music has always given scorned women a way to exact revenge on the men who wronged them. But the stakes have sure gotten higher in the last few decades.

Nancy Sinatra pretty much created the music sub-genre of woman-scorned songs with “These Boots Were Made For Walking.”

Revenge on the man: Leaving him for good, or at least threatening to.

Revenge Level: 1

Carly Simon came next, and was feeling so scorned she spawned one of the greatest musical mysteries of all time: who is the song “You’re So Vain” about?

Revenge on the man: Public (anonymous) shaming in the form of the song and the mystery.

Revenge Level: 3

Years later, Alanis Morissette would take the woman-scorned song to a whole new level of angry with “You Oughta Know.”

Revenge on the man: Public (semi-anonymous) shaming in the form of the song.

Revenge Level: 5

Kelly Clarkson had a pretty big woman-scorned hit early in her career with “Low.”

Revenge on the man: Pushing his car into a ravine.

Revenge Level: 7

Beyonce must have been scorned at some point in her life to have so masterfully pulled off “Irreplaceable.”

Revenge on the man: Classy public (anonymous) shaming.

Revenge Level: 4

Carrie Underwood was scorned before she met husband, Mike Fisher, and told us all about it in “Before He Cheats.”

Revenge on the man: Trashing his car & warning other women

Revenge Level: 7

Rihanna released “Man Down” about 4 months after the Chris Brown abuse scandal hit, causing many an eyebrow to be raised.

Revenge on the man: Implied murder

Revenge Level: 9

It’s not too big a leap from implied murder to outright murder. And our final, most recent example of a woman scorned song is “FU,” from up-and-coming R&B artist, Yani Simone.

Revenge on the man: Straight up murder.

Revenge Level: 10

What will the next evolution in woman-scorned revenge songs look like?

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