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    15 Gifts From Amazon Canada That Your Food-Loving Friends Will Absolutely Love

    If they love the creating and devouring food, these are the gifts for them.

    1. A Yonanas machine so they can have soft serve for every meal. It's as easy as chopping and loading their favourite fruits (and veggies, if they're into that kind of thing) into the machine and, voilà — dairy-free ice cream at their fingertips.

    A person pressing soft serve into a bowl with the machine

    2. A measuring cube that has over 19 measurement options, so they'll be able to declutter their gadget drawer and get rid of all those random spoons and cups.

    3. A rotating oven that'll kick their next pizza night up a notch. Since the top and bottom elements are controlled separately, they can experiment with temperatures until they find the perfect balance between a crisp crust and ooey-gooey cheese.

    4. A full set of cooking utensils with wooden handles that'll add a pop of colour to their kitchen. Thanks to their silicone heads, their pots and pans won't get all scratched up when they're stirring and flipping.

    5. An Ember temperature-controlled mug that'll keep their coffee or tea hot for up to 80 minutes (or all day if they use the charging coaster it comes with). They can pair it with a free app to control the temperature, customize settings, and even receive notifications on the status of their beverage right from their phone.

    A person wearing a cozy sweater and holding the mug

    6. A bamboo charcuterie board that'll seriously level up their hosting game. Being in possession of this board is reason enough to invite their whole contact list over.

    The board on a marble counter filled with meats and cheeses

    7. A Ninja Foodi that'll replace nine of their clunky cooking gadgets. It can air fry, pressure cook, steam, bake, crisp, and more — it's even dishwasher-safe, so clean up will be a breeze.

    A person taking the lid off the Ninja Foodi

    8. A 29-in-1 smart bread machine — yes, you read that right, it has a whopping 29 different bread-making programs that'll allow them to customize everything from loaf size to crust colour. They can even use it to make non-bread items, like jam and cake.

    A person using the bread maker to make a loaf of bread in three easy steps

    9. A defrosting board for the cook on a time crunch (or with an awful memory). Either way, this defrosting tray will thaw out frozen meat quickly and thoroughly. If that isn't enough to sway you, the flip side doubling as a cutting board surely will. Talk about a multi-talented.

    A picture of a defroster and cutting board with a slab of raw meat on it

    10. A cutting board with a built-in stand for their tablet and/or phone, so they'll never have to choose between meal prep and screen time. Since it comes with three removable prep bowls, they can slice all their ingredients and slide them right in — no muss, no fuss.

    Three different pictures of a cutting board with a built in food storage container and a stand for an iPhone or iPad

    11. A set of stainless steel mixing bowls for the Betty Crocker in your life. Not only does each one come with an airtight lid so leftovers can go from counter to fridge, but they also have built-in grater attachments, measurement marks, and non-slip bottoms — truly the full package.

    A picture of five stainless steel bowls with lids and four circular grators

    12. A hot pot is the kind of gift they won't know they're missing until it falls right into their lap — or under their tree. Because it's divided into two sections, this non-stick treasure will allow them to cook two soups at once.

    Two people dipping food into a boiling hot pot

    13. A baby food maker is perfect for the foodie who is now cooking for two. It can steam, cook, defrost, and reheat everything from fruits and veggies to meat and fish. No matter what stage their little one is at, they can have delicious handcrafted meals in 20 minutes or less.

    The baby food processor on a counter next to a cup and spoon

    14. A food dehydrator so they can make their favourite dried meat or fruit treats from the comfort of their own kitchen. The glass door will allow them to literally watch their food as it dries, and the ten removable trays mean they can dry out their beef along with their berries — hey, we won't judge!

    A picture of a stainless steel food dehydrator with a clear glass door with the several food trays inside visible

    15. And finally, a hot dog and sausage cooker is great for the chef that is not confined to a kitchen. They can use it to roast hot dogs, sausages, and even cornbread to perfection over any open fire.

    Two hot dog cookers, each one has a long handle and each one has three hot dogs inside

    Because this is the feasting energy we need this season!

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