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    20 Hilarious Party Themes You Have Never Thought Of

    So you are really sick of all those 60s,80s, Mexican or Luau themed birthday parties? Here's a few suggestions how to make your bash unforgettable!

    1. Terminator Salvation Party

    2. Greek Gladiators Party

    3. Mars Colonization party

    4. Apocalypse Party

    5. Jetlag Party

    6. Eye Gazing Party

    7. Shower Party

    8. Hobbo Party

    9. WTF Party

    10. Maze Box Party

    11. Walk of Shame

    12. Jello Wrestling party

    13. Mud Party

    14. Zombie Party

    15. Papua Party

    16. Safe Sex Party

    17. Elevator Party


    Party check list:

    a) no power problems

    b) the building has more than 10 stores

    c) no fat guest

    d) no lousy drinkers who puke

    18. MythBusters Party

    19. Hitchcock Party

    20. It Used To Be Cool Party