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9 Paths For Post Grad Life And Your Conflicted Feelings About Them


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3. Grad School?


Did I really like my major that much? Yeah... but I'm kinda poor right now and don't want to pay if it's not something I realllllly want, so I guess I'm not ruling it out. Do I really want to commit to a PhD? Should I just get my Masters? SO MANY FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS!! #halp #next

4. The REALLY real world?


Those business/econ/engineer/computer science major friends of your's who had useful majors? Yeah, they are set in their fancy jobs at their fancy companies with these things called benefits and that 401k thing that's really important and our parents always talk about....

6. The internship that leads to a career?


That summer/quarter/year you worked for college credit (aka nothing) running around getting coffee and doing the grunt work of the office ends up being pretty worth it in the long run when you get that job offer. And if not, at least you've locked down a solid recommendation? #fingerscrossed

7. Travel?


YAAASS. It's the clear best option for those of us with the chronic case of wanderlust, but it gets tough when those plane tickets and hostels and food requires money. Why can't my very expensive college diploma work as a credit card?!?!

8. Temporary Job?


After the endless job applications, resumes, and cover letters written, you finally hear back from one! It's no dream job, but hey, it's full time and pays (most) of the bills. Not everyone gets their dream job right out of college, right? RIGHT?!

9. The few, the proud, the dream jobbers?


Last, and most definitely far from least, there are the lucky handful who know exactly what they want to do and for what company AND they got the job! Even if they don't make bank, they're stoked off their asses to go to work EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

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