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11 Ways You've Embraced The #PostGradPoor Lifestyle

Help me, I'm poor.

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2. You can no longer procrastinate studying or paper writing because you’ve graduated, so instead you procrastinate paying your bills.

4. That massive $15 entree you bought for lunch right after payday because you felt rich? Well it's going to be lunch, dinner, and tomorrow's lunch too.


Nothing like being poor, to force you to eat proper portions. But actually, good thing bread a cheese are cheap, because those late night grilled cheeses come in clutch.

5. A $10 bottle of wine is more justifiable than $10 lipstick. You don’t need to look cute while drinking that bottle of wine, because lets be real, you’ll be sitting on the couch watching Netflix while drinking it.

9. Technically you can now afford that really cute $90 jacket. But only if you give up 10 burritos you could have eaten at Chipotle. 9 if you get guac.

10. You agree to go on Tinder dates with the few guys who don’t start out with aggressively sexual comments, because while the best case scenario your family stops questioning you about being single, and worst case, bad company BUT FREE FOOD!

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