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    21 Pet Products From Walmart That’ll Be Useful In Emergencies

    Unforeseen pet problems, from small injuries to bouts of anxiety, all deserve a backup plan.

    1. A ThunderShirt for dogs that'll feel like a small hug, so your pup is left feeling calmer and safer during moments of high stress.

    dog wearing the shirt

    2. Or a ThunderShirt for cats who need a bit of soothing during episodes of nervousness. It wraps around your kitty like a soft, sustained hug.

    cat wearing the shirt

    3. A GPS-tracking dog collar so you'll know exactly where your pup is and how to rescue her if she runs off with her leash or slips through the backyard fence.

    4. A smart pet feeder that connects to your cell phone if you need to portion out your furry one's meals throughout the day, even when you're away. You'll also get alerts when the food in the container is low.

    5. A pet cam with night vision because you can't miss a minute of action when you have a notoriously naughty pet. Link it to your cell phone, so you can have up to four cameras on your pet at all times.

    The pet cam and a smartphone

    6. A bottle of ginger and chamomile chewable tablets to calm anxious pups, soothe upset tummies, and quell their nervousness.

    The bottle of tablets

    7. A wound cleaning and treating spray so you can treat your pets' inevitable minor cuts and abrasions like a pro. Best part: it's free of alcohol, steroids, or antibiotics.

    The treatment spray bottle

    8. A box of hypoallergenic grooming wipes if your pet is always getting into stinky messes. These remove everything from dirt and dander to the mysterious clingy stuff that comes from rolling around under the couch or in the backyard.

    The package of wipes

    9. A handheld bark deterrent device for responsibly distracting pups with ultrasonic waves during episodes of manic barking.

    10. A calming spray for spritzing in the air around (not on) your pet that'll ease their nerves about a new home or new surroundings.

    The spray bottle

    11. An automatic fish feeder for nights when you end up working late and you've got choice but to leave your fish to fend for himself.

    The fish feeder and some fish food

    12. Training pads for pups just learning their bathroom routines or older dogs who need just a little bit of support with theirs.

    The training pads

    13. A litter genie for unexpectedly stinky litter box jobs that happen when you live in a six-floor walk-up and can't make it to the outside trash ASAP.

    The litter genie

    14. A can of carpet cleaner to solve all your problems when accidents happen on your nice rug or carpet floors.

    The can of carpet cleaner

    15. Urine destroyer for when accidents happen but the willingness to toss everything a messy pup comes in contact with just does not.

    16. An odor-eliminating spray specifically for pet odors so that dinner parties and guest visits aren't interrupted by the not-so-pleasant smell of litter box or wet dog.

    The spray bottle of remover

    17. A dark stain remover for when messes are caught a little too late and a little more than gentle, preventative cleaning is in order.

    The bottle of stain remover

    18. A foldable and collapsible small pet carrier as a backup in case your other one gets even a drop of pet urine on it (arguably the hardest to remove of all pet odors).

    A dog and the pet carrier

    19. A chewable food bowl for rabbits, rats, mice, and other smaller furry pets to prevent destructive chewing while promoting dental health.

    20. A cat backpack for those unforeseen and urgent trips to the vet that require the least amount of fur baby-shaking possible. Strap her to your back and be on your way.

    21. Pill pockets for pups (and cats!) that'll make medication time easier than ever for you and a more relaxed and pleasant experience for them.

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