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7 Things All Ventriloquists Will Understand


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1. People Are Easily Spooked By Your Hobby


Not gonna lie, some people get pretty freaked out when you tell them you're a ventriloquist. Movies like Goosebumps and Chucky simply give dummies a bad name. It's meant to be funny not make people cry with fear.

2. People Constantly Ask You to Perform on the Spot


Another reaction to telling people you're a ventriloquist is, "oh my gosh, do it!" Honestly, saying something with my mouth closed isn't as amusing without an actual doll to throw my voice into.

4. You've Participated In at Least One Talent Show


Whether your mom made you or you wanted to showcase your new jokes on an audience, you've probably been in at least one talent show in your lifetime. Even though you made the crowd laugh (and possibly cry) you always lost out to a singer.

6. You Sometimes Get Caught Up In the Act


You’ve certainly laughed at your own jokes before. Sometimes you just get so carried away with the performance you improvise a little and your dummy has a Freudian slip.

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