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9 Things People Switching Careers Don't Want To Hear

What about trying the Career Resource Center at your Alma Mater? Or maybe just getting fat?

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1. You're So Lucky to Have the Money to do That

I'm not lucky asshole. I'm broke.

2. Have You Tried LinkedIn?

Or Indeed? Monster?

3. How Was Your Vacation?

Hahahaha. You mean that thing riddled with brain-squeezing anxiety? Hahaha.

4. How Long Has It Been?

Not that long??

5. What About a Position In [Names Field You Are Leaving]?

My goal was to never again wear a suit and you suggested finance?

6. It Must Be Nice to Sleep In

Totes love sleeping in! And, you know, crippling depression. It's a great combo.

7. You Are So Courageous

Woot woot. :/

8. It Must Be SO Nice to Have Time to Go To Like, A Million Museums

This might be the scariest thing I've ever seen.

9. Go To A Networking Event

This is the outcome of every one you've been to. Ever.

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