16 Things Only Developing World Travellers Know

Tips for a dealing with roaches, creepers, and opportunity.

1. If You’re Female, When You Inevitably Get Hit On, Laugh Likes You Have No Idea What’s Going On

Marriage??? Hahahahah. One Hundred Camels? LOLOL! Me no English.

2. When People in Every Country You Go To Talk About How Their Country Is Known for its Hospitality, Agree With Them

Yes, yes, I DO like tea.

3. Take the Train- It’s the Best Way to Get Around

And like, everybody’s doing it.

4. For the Love of GOD, Don’t Bring Toilet Paper

You can buy it EVERYWHERE (for like, ten cents), stick a roll in your bag, and voila! Toilet paper in bathroom. Don’t expect the squishy kind.

5. Don’t Bring a Roller Bag or You Will Hate Yourself

Where are Super Heroes (Power Rangers?) when you need them?

6. Street Food is Delicious And Cheap, So EAT IT

Bring Imodium for Emergencies.

7. Always Sleep and Pee Whenever You Get the Chance

You never know when your next opportunity will be.

8. Shower Head First, Body Second

When hot water is scarce, this will save you from hypothermia.

9. Village Food is the Best, So Go Off The Beaten Path

Apart from the awesome, generally down to earth people you’ll meet, LOOK AT THAT.

10. Always Lean Forward On A Squat Toilet

Or you know, say hello to some scraped cheeks and the need for a lysol shower.

11. Buy Food for Beggars, Don’t Give Them Money

Personal choice, but child beggars will usually sit down wherever they are and eat their meal immediately.

12. When In Doubt, Brush Your Teeth With Bottled Water

Or you know, with a bottle of Jack.

13. If Someone Offers to Let Their Mom Cook You Dinner, the Answer is ALWAYS YES

Its probably better than what your Mom makes.

14. Make Rules and Stick to Them

3 Cockroaches = Max
10 Cockroaches in My Hotel = Find a better hotel
The quota for rats is ALWAYS 0.

15. Always Speak in the Native Language, No Matter How Much You Suck at It

Most of the time you can get those knock-off converse from a cart cheaper this way.

16. If You’re Unsure Something is a Good Idea, But It Will Be a Once In a Lifetime Experience, DO IT

Your worst life choice could be your best memory.

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