14 Reasons Kids Are So Much Cooler Than Everyone Else

Warning: This post may contribute to overpopulation.

1. They Do What They Want

Who likes pants?

2. They Don’t Hold Back

And everybody else is jealous.

3. They Know When to Protect What’s Theirs

4. They Eat What They Want

Cake = Good.

5. And Drink What They Want

Their favorites center around milk and juice, but they still know the good stuff when they see it.

6. And Then Don’t Bitch About Being Fat

Um, model pout? Look at him OWN that!!

7. They Are Creative

Is this not the most color-tastic child ever?

8. They Might Occasionally Have A Total Meltdown

But really, we all feel this way when someone takes away our iPhone.

9. But They Quickly Pass Out Post-Rager

Look familiar?

10. They’re Easily Intrigued

It’s an orange car! No red! Now a blue one! Wow its been a DAY.

11. They Don’t Mind A Little Mishap

And they still look adorable afterwards.

12. They Know How To Dress For A Fancy Dinner

But sometimes they don’t fully think it through.

13. They Know How To Celebrate The Good Things

Totally chased that seagull like a pro.

14. Most Importantly, They Know What Is Really Funny


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