11 Cupcakes That Just Want To Express Themselves

Because everybody knows that the raspberry cream-filled lemon cupcake is a total slut.

1. Vanilla Cupcake: The Type A

She’s a super perfectionist. And oh so white. But nobody likes a girl who can’t get a little dirty every now and then.

2. Chocolate Cupcake: The Player

You know he’s no good for you, but you just can’t help yourself. Plus, he comes with a different flavor every month. You LOVE him. So does everybody else.

3. Red Velvet Cupcake: The Egomaniac

He thinks he’s all that. He’s even convinced a lot of people that he is. But you know the truth — he’s so insecure that he copied chocolate a little and then dyed himself to be different.

4. Carrot Cake Cupcake: The Hippie

She doesn’t believe in anything store-bought, and she prefers when it gets a little dirty. Add hemp for a good time.

5. Banana Cupcake: The Confused Muffin

He can’t seem to decide if he should be a cupcake or a muffin. He doesn’t excel at either. He’s constantly stressed out over this choice and is becoming a big hot mess.

6. German Chocolate Cupcake: The Foreigner

He never seems to quite fit in. He’s pretty cool (he kind of looks like chocolate), but there’s just something off. And nobody can ever understand him. Poor guy.

7. Boozy Cupcake: The Raver

You told him that he’s had enough. After all the Guinness, you thought he was done. Then he started hitting the Bailey’s.

(For delicious Irish car bomb cupcakes, see credit.)

8. Fruit Cupcake: The Reject

You can hardly even look at her. She’s disgusting.

9. Decorated Cupcake: The Artsy Fartsy Kid

Baby she was born this way.

10. Filled Cupcake: The Floozy

Often cream filled, she likes to hang out with everybody. She’s the dirtiest, and most satisfying, of all cupcakes.

11. Mini Cupcake: The Tease

Why does he even exist? If he was good, you’d want more. If he wasn’t, you just wasted a perfectly good Saturday night.

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