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23 Reasons To Be Thankful For Louis Tomlinson

In honor of the mega-star's 23rd birthday, as well as the holiday season, please enjoy this list of 23 reasons we're thankful for One Direction's Louis Tomlinson!

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1. His Angelic Voice


To start off the list, let's just recognize the development of Louis' voice over the years! It's always been soothing, but he gets the well-deserved opportunity to really show off his vocal abilities in One Direction's latest album FOUR.

No Control is almost a Louis Tomlinson ft. One Direction song and we are living for it. Don't even get us started on his solo in 18.

2. His Stellar Dance Moves


He claims he can't dance, but look at those moves.

Do you give lessons on the side?

3. His Undeniable Sass


Sassy is an understatement that describes of the many perfect things about Louis Tomlinson.

4. His Perfectly Messy Hair


No matter the length, no matter the style, Louis' hair makes the heavens open up.

5. His Perfectly-Synced-To-The-Beat Pelvic Thrusts


This doesn't even need an explaination.

6. His Blantant Honesty


Louis is not afraid to call anybody out on the spot when doing something embarrassing or covering up a bit of the truth.

It's entertaining to watch, but we probably won't adore this so much if we become the victims.

7. His Striking Smirk


Wipe that smirk off your face, Louis. Unless you will keep it there forever.

8. His Sweet Sensitivity


Underneath all that sarcasm and sassiness is a heart of gold. Louis is continuously working with charities, and has stated that he "wants to do good."

Using his platform as an opportunity to implement as much positivity as possible is one of the things we love most about Louis.

9. His Unattainable Level of Attractiveness


I mean, this really doesn't need to be talked about any further.

10. The Way He Looks In This Tank Top


The way he looks in any sort of clothing, to be quite honest.

11. Louis In Beanies


"You're giving me a heart attack, looking like you do-o!"

12. His Signature Silly Face


There is absolutely no way we are letting this little pumpkin turn a year older. This should be illegal.

13. His Love For Animals


Louis has been known for his love for babies, but Louis with animals is just as adorable.

14. His Habit of Pushing His Bandmates Limits


Louis' silly character and Liam's seriousness caused little indescretions in the beginning of their career, but as Zayn stated in the "This Is Us" Movie, "they've corrupted him a bit." No doubt Louis had a little to do with this madness! Everybody could use a little (or a lot) more Louis in them!

15. His Finger Point That Stabs All Of Us In The Heart


Louis: *points*

Every human in the world: *not breathing*

16. His Contagious Laugh


Watching Louis laugh is like watching a baby smile. Where can we sign up to pinch his cheeks?

17. His Collar Bone


His collar bone could cut steel.

18. His Perfect Pose


Zayn takes all the heat about "posing" for pictures, but look at this face. We see you, Louis. We see you.

19. His Soccer Skills


It's really an amazing thing, watching him be able to do bth things that he loves - Singing and Soccer.

20. His Seductive Method of Getting Off the Ground


That wasn't even necessary. I am so unstable right now.

21. His Gentle Gestures


How he gently touches the mic. Caresses the mic. Imagine that touch on your cheek.

I'm crying.

22. His Sweet Smile


Isn't he just too darn adorable? I would like to thank not only God but Jesus for Louis William Tomlinson.

23. His Electric Eyes


Literally his eyes could stop traffic.

Here's to another year of pure bliss, Boo Bear!

You deserve it!

You deserve it!

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