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18 Ways "New Girl" Makes Your Late Twenties Bearable

When you pass the bliss of your mid-twenties, you start to realize that life isn't what you thought it'd be. But thanks to Nick, Schmidt, Winston, and Jess, realizing that we don't have to have it together just yet is a little bit easier.

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1. Built-in retorts for every time your parents ask you about your direction in life.

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2. An appreciation for the borderline religious act of sleeping past noon on the weekend.

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3. =A mutual distaste for the nonsensical choices of the very, very young.

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Oh yes, please tell me how wearing that Bud Light carton as a hat sends a message about independence and self-sufficiency.

4. Knowing that complete and total failure is survivable with the right friends.

5. Proof that you don't have to have it figured out yet.

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And you don't have to know how to answer it. Isn't life grand?

6. Knowing that it's still OK to be greatly moved by fluffy, tiny creatures at age 27.

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Yes, mom. I occasionally binge on corgi videos. What am I? Made of stone?

7. The fact that wanting to fall into an internet vortex is a perfectly acceptable excuse to stay in on a Saturday night.

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Pajamas > Nightlife.

8. Understanding that there are only two things that REALLY matter right now.

9. Figuring out that we're not the only ones still falling for the wrong people.

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You had me at "unemployed musician."

10. Understanding that food is your most important goal.

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11. Make that food and alcohol.

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Just make sure to take an Advil because hangovers are not kind to the over-25 set.

12. The acknowledgement that life is freaking hard.

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13. But it gets easier with really, embarrassingly good friends.

14. And did I mention alcohol?

15. Gifting us the courage to accept that our collective borderline insanity is permanent, normal, and so much more than just a phase.

16. Knowing that life isn't what we pictured, but it's where we're at for better or worse.

17. That aging is actually kind of awesome.

18. And that no matter what, it's not over until we say it's over.

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