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26 Reasons We Should All Be Exactly Like Seth Cohen

Welcome to a life of insecurity and paralyzing self-doubt.

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This is Seth Cohen:

He's a man of many faces.

Sometimes he even refers to himself in the third person.

Sure, he's a little quirky.

But it really only adds to his charm.

There's just no end to this guy's appeal.

He is who we should all strive to become.

And here's why...

1. First of all, he loves bagels.

2. He knows all the ingredients for a fun night in.

3. He's always open to making new friends.


Or just having a friend in general.

4. He invented the greatest holiday ever made.


Breaking religious barriers since 2003.

5. He's a great moral compass.

6. And extremely self-aware.

7. His pop culture references are spot on.

8. He's a man who will not be ignored.

9. Sarcasm is his bread and butter.

10. He believes subtlety is overrated.

11. However, he's still man enough to recognize his limits.

12. He's a master of intimidation.

13. He has a firm grasp of family values.

14. He always knows exactly what to say.

15. Seriously, words are his greatest superpower.



16. I mean, the guy named a boat after the woman he loved.


The Summer Breeze = the greatest romantic gesture ever.

17. He's not afraid to be spontaneous.

18. But can acknowledge when he's in the wrong.

19. He's a friend to all animals.


Just ask Captain Oats.

20. He understands the true meaning of Thanksgiving.


21. He can adapt to almost any situation.


I said almost.

22. He's great at breaking cultural barriers.

23. He knows when to be modest.

24. He's the stealthiest guy you'll ever meet.


Just called him Stealth Cohen.

25. And the world's best hugger.

26. Seth Cohen: a name you can trust.

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