17 Reasons Joey Makes The Best ‘Friends’ Roommate

In honor of Matt LeBlanc’s 46th birthday.

1. He’s the perfect snuggle buddy.

Seriously, it’ll be the best nap you’ve ever had. Just ask Ross!

2. He’s not afraid to ask the deep questions.

You blow my mind, Tribbiani.

3. His impressions of you are unmatched.

Could he BE anymore spot on?

4. He’s by your side in the good times…

5. And the super scary times.

6. He keeps you young at heart.

7. He’s a great role model to all.

8. He knows how to make each day special.

It’s the THIRD day!

9. Your comfort is his No. 1 priority.

All that’s missing is the pizza.

10. His academic knowledge knows no bounds.

Hard to argue with logic like that!

11. He’s always there to catch you.

12. Whatever pain you feel, he feels.

Now THAT’S dedication, my friend.

13. He reminds you how to stay healthy…in 10 seconds or less.

Take that, resume!

14. Plus, there’s the added bonus of helping him prepare for auditions.

Piece of cake, oui?

15. He’s always got your back.

16. But most importantly, he ALWAYS cares about how you’re feeling.

What more could you ask for?

17. And I think we all can relate to this…


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