15 Ways "Breaking Bad" Has Made You A Better Person

Believe it or not, there is a method to the show’s madness.

1. It encourages the pursuit of higher education.

Learning is fun!

2. It forces you to contemplate life’s really important questions.


3. It teaches you to respect the art of fine dining.

Do not question Jesse Pinkman’s culinary expertise (bitch)!

4. And motivates you to live each day to the fullest.

Preach, Walt! Preach!

5. It promotes making healthier food choices.

Junk food, I banish thee!

6. Along with reinforcing the value of family.

Can’t you just feel the love?

7. It reminds you to always wear protection.

Safety first, people!

8. And gives you a newfound appreciation for pillows.

The modern-day version of the conch shell, for Lord of the Flies fans.

9. It inspires you to always stay young at heart.

Are we having fun yet?

10. It helps you to recognize the importance of spelling.

Umm, it happens to the best of us?

11. And math!

Sounds logical.

12. Not to mention the show’s fashion-forward way of thinking.

Aprons are so the new scarves.

13. It reminds you to never take your work too seriously.


14. And to consider the possibility of a higher power.


15. But most importantly, it brought you the wonder that is Saul Goodman.

Have a problem? Better Call Saul!

So thanks, Breaking Bad, for keeping our priorities so crystal clear.

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