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Family Of Inspirational Animals Adopts World's Cutest Kitten With Disabilities

If you want to restore your faith in the world, read this post. BTW, the kitten plays Fruit Ninja.

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Noella the kitten was born with a neurological disorder that prevents her from walking.

She came from the Bahamas, where otherwise she would have been euthanized.

She gets around as best she can, but it's terribly tragic to watch.

A Colorado animal shelter helped bring her to the U.S., where she stays with a foster family.

Noella is so awesome, for therapy to strengthen her paw muscles, she plays Fruit Ninja.

Real-life Ninja Kitty.

Real-life Ninja Kitty.

Now, meet Kandu. He's a chihuahua with a 'can-do' attitude.

He doesn't have front legs, but he does have awesome owners who made him a special device so he can get around.

Pictured here, Kandu's awesome family meeting Noella for the first time.

I bet you know where this is going...

Noella purred with happiness as they were introduced.

Although, she pretended not to like it because she's a cat.

Her prospective new dad was pretty happy, too.

Hold me.

Hold me.

This nuzzle sealed the deal.

Kandu's family agreed to take Noella to her special new home.

There were some tears as foster mom gave Noella away, but they were happy tears.

We love happy tears. And kittens.

This story came from 9NEWS in Denver. Slideshow of Noella and more at

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