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    What Embarrassing Question Do You Want Science To Answer?

    Tell us and we'll do our best to make that dream come true.

    Did a friend once tell you that lipstick could make your boobs bigger?

    (You can use these tips to use makeup to give yourself cleavage but BuzzFeed Science would not recommend using lipstick.)

    Or that you could die if you ate watermelon while hungover?

    Slo Mo Guys /

    (Spoiler: the watermelon/hangover combo won't kill you, but it won't save your life either.)

    Or maybe you've just realised that you have no idea why humans grow two sets of teeth but now you really want to know?

    (The short answer is that as kids our mouths are too small to hold adult teeth.)

    Ask BuzzFeed Science your weird and embarrassing questions and we'll try to answer them for you!

    Just submit your question in the Google form below.

    Don't worry, we won't tell anyone it was you that asked – and this form won't record any of your personal information.

    Here are the words that most commonly appeared in your questions:

    As of 5pm, Wednesday March 4, there were 1832 responses: 396 were blank (well done guys), there were 65 mentions of sex, 93 of boobs, 46 vaginas, 29 penises, 14 dogs and 8 cats.

    Stay tuned for some answers on these topics and more!