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12 Weird Prehistoric Creatures That Will Make You Glad You're Alive Today

Featuring a whale with legs and a vegetarian crocodile. From Julius Csotonyi's new book of paleoart.

1. This creature that was mostly neck.

2. This vegetarian crocodilian.

3. This guy who had legs with digits instead of fins, but still swam underwater rather than walked on land.

4. The "chicken from hell".

5. A sabre-toothed hippo relative who probably chased around early horse relatives.

6. This whale with legs.

7. These moose-like creatures.

8. This mammal that proves not all sabre-tooths were cats.

9. This one-fingered dinosaur (if you can call that a finger).

10. This fabulously feathered dinosaur.

11. Our ancestors, who looked like this 4 million years ago.

12. Oh, and this giant shark about to attack a swimming elephantid.

The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi is out on May 20.