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    You Can Track Your Allergies With This App And Help Science At The Same Time

    Scientists will combine data given to them by allergy sufferers with information on weather, pollen, and pollution to find out what is making Britain sneeze. But there's bad news for iPhone users – the app is currently only available on Android.

    Today scientists launched an app that will let allergy sufferers across Britain track their symptoms and contribute to scientific research in the process.

    The app lets you put in details about how you feel, your specific symptoms, and whether or not you've taken allergy medication that day. It will automatically record the time and location.

    Researchers will take the (anonymised) data that users put in to the app and compare it with data on the weather, pollen levels, and pollution at the same time and place.

    The team behind the app say 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from seasonal allergies like hay fever and asthma and that the number is on the rise.