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This Is What Happens When You Saw A Giant Rubber Band Ball In Half

It's way creepier than you'd expect.

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Would you like to see a video of a huge rubber band ball being cut in half with a saw? Today is your lucky day.

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Look at all that elastic potential energy just waiting to burst out.

When they're no longer held in, the rubber bands in the middle of the ball push their way out.

"Arise, Sir Rubber Band Ball."

Jordan, the YouTuber who uploaded the video in 2013, explains why he did it:

We'd built this elastic band ball together over the course of about a year, buying big bags of elastic bands every so often and just slowly adding them all onto the ball. Eventually, we got bored of it and it was also getting quite difficult to find elastic bands that could still make it all the way round so we stopped expanding it and it got left under a table for about a year.

After a while, the elastic on the outer layers got frayed and started snapping by itself, so every day there'd be a few more snapped elastic bands on the floor. We decided to get rid of it, and I suggested cutting it in half somehow.

After the video above went viral last December, he uploaded more footage showing what the rubber band ball looked like before he cut into it.

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Turn your sound on to hear the creepy noises it's making.