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    People Need To Stop Sharing The Viral Photo Of A Plane "Flying Over A Rainbow"

    Reminder No. 232,792 that you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet.

    This photo showing the "moment a plane flies directly over a rainbow" is all over the internet at the moment.

    But, despite several headlines saying so, it's not actually a photograph of a rainbow.

    For starters, a rainbow is not a physical object that you can fly over.

    Rainbows happen when sunlight is bent by water droplets in the atmosphere and split into individual colours. They're not actually physical objects that sit in one place in the sky (which is why you can never get to the end of a rainbow). For example, ever noticed that the sun's always behind you when you're looking at a rainbow?

    The photo actually shows polarised light, and it's not the first time a photo like this has been taken.