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    27 Things They Should Show You In School

    You can learn so much in six seconds.

    1. How to make a tornado in a bottle.

    2. How to do this with cornstarch and water.

    3. How to make a paper plane do this.

    4. How to start a mini foam party.

    5. How to yo-yo in space.

    6. How to make a lava lamp.

    7. How to set bubbles on fire.

    8. How this huge granite ball keeps spinning.

    (It's called a Kugel ball.)

    9. What happens when you pour liquid nitrogen into a swimming pool.

    10. How to get a slinky to go down steps perfectly.

    11. What happens when you put cats in zero gravity.

    12. How to make an ice pop do this.

    13. How to make dry ice do this.

    14. How to make one of these.

    15. How to make a fruit-and-veg drum kit.

    16. How to make pepper do this.

    17. How to make sand that does this.

    18. How to light a bulb with potatoes.

    19. How to do this with food colouring, milk, and soap.

    20. How to make a water-bottle rocket.

    21. What it looks like when you inflate a pair of lungs.

    22. What paint looks like on speakers in slow motion.

    23. How to make instant ice.

    24. How to make a teabag do this.

    25. How to make a "foamerator".

    26. How to make water bend.

    27. How to make an arrow reverse direction.