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    19 Things People From Manchester Are Tired Of Hearing

    No, we don't all eat hot pot and drink at the Rovers Return every night.

    1. "Doesn't it rain all the time in Manchester?"

    Flickr: fussyonion / Creative Commons

    Yes literally all day, every day.

    2. "Is that why everyone is so miserable?"

    Getty Images/iStockphoto JanKangurowski

    Speak for yourself.

    3. "Do you like The Smiths?"

    Rough Trade
    Rough Trade


    4. "Morrissey is a bit of a tool though isn't he?"

    Getty Images Karl Walter


    5. "How do I get to Salford Lads Club?"

    AKT6168 / Via

    Just follow everyone else.

    6. "House prices are so cheap up north."

    Getty Images/iStockphoto DaveBolton


    7. "And beer. And everything else."

    Flickr: martinsfp / Creative Commons

    Please go on.

    8. "Man United are [crap/amazing/insert opinion here]."

    Darren Staples / Reuters

    Cool opinion, do you have any more?

    9. "Wait, doesn't everyone in Manchester actually support City?"

    Eddie Keogh / Reuters


    10. "I've been to the Trafford Centre."

    Flickr: hamedmasoumi / Creative Commons


    11. "Do you live on Coronation Street?"

    Flickr: 30591976@N05 / Creative Commons

    Go away.

    12. "Do you all eat hotpot?"

    Flickr: food-porn / Creative Commons


    13. "Ey up duck, where's ya whippet and flat cap?"

    You're thinking of Yorkshire. Or maybe the Midlands. Or some place that exists only in your mind.

    14. "The North is all the same though isn't it."

    Flickr: jeztorrance / Creative Commons

    It's really not and I wouldn't go saying that to anyone else.

    15. "I mean, anything north of Watford is the North as far as I'm concerned."

    Flickr: thedarkcape / Creative Commons


    16. "But Bolton/Oldham/[insert provincial town here] is not in Manchester."

    Flickr: 56278705@N05 / Creative Commons

    If you're from there and don't want to say you're from Manchester, fine. But Greater Manchester is definitely a thing that exists. Sometimes people just call it Manchester. That's fine too.

    17. "Isn't it always cold in Manchester?"

    Getty Images/iStockphoto GoldStock

    Relative to what?

    18. "How can you go out without a coat on in this weather?"

    Flickr: tranny / Creative Commons

    Like this.

    19. *attempts Manc accent* "Do you want to go to t'pub?" *looks smug*

    Flickr: adambruderer / Creative Commons


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