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    18 Things Scientists Have Done At Least Once

    That moment when you try to CTRL + F your paper lab book.

    1. Accidentally called something by its scientific name in ~the real world~.

    TFW you can't find iron supplements at the store because you are looking for Fe. #scientistproblems

    2. Looked up the cost of something they broke in the lab.

    3. Spilt something on themselves and not told anyone.

    4. Stored food in a lab fridge/freezer.

    5. Pretended to have read a paper when they actually just skimmed the abstract.

    6. "Borrowed" lab equipment for household use.

    7. Tried to CTRL + F to find something on a printed page.

    I wish I could just hit Ctrl + F. 😕

    8. Not been 100% sure how to pronounce a scientific word, so avoided saying it out loud.

    9. Left out a data point to make a graph look nicer.

    10. Spent longer making a figure for their thesis than it took to do the actual experiment.

    Big decision of the night; I have chosen a Braggs law figure for the thesis. #realtimechem #mustbeperfect #perfect-ish

    11. Followed a weird superstition even though they know it's bollocks.

    12. Typed out a reply correcting someone on a scientific inaccuracy, then deleted it before sending.

    13. Had to double check how to draw a certain diagram, even though it's integral to their work.

    14. Caught up on TV while an experiment was running.

    15. Hidden a piece of equipment to stop other people using it.

    16. Turned up the music and danced around the lab when nobody else was there.

    I have DEFINITELY not been dancing in the lab all day to @jtimberlake's new song. Nope, totally not me.

    17. Written "It is well known that..." in a paper to avoid having to find the original source.

    18. Read their horoscope.