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    18 Things Scientists Have Done At Least Once

    That moment when you try to CTRL + F your paper lab book.

    1. Accidentally called something by its scientific name in ~the real world~.

    TFW you can't find iron supplements at the store because you are looking for Fe. #scientistproblems

    2. Looked up the cost of something they broke in the lab.

    Thinking about how much you spent on tuition fees will make you feel less bad if it was expensive.

    3. Spilt something on themselves and not told anyone.


    It's probably fine as long as long as you rinse it off thoroughly... right?

    4. Stored food in a lab fridge/freezer.

    5. Pretended to have read a paper when they actually just skimmed the abstract.

    6. "Borrowed" lab equipment for household use.

    7. Tried to CTRL + F to find something on a printed page.

    I wish I could just hit Ctrl + F. 😕

    8. Not been 100% sure how to pronounce a scientific word, so avoided saying it out loud.


    9. Left out a data point to make a graph look nicer.

    10. Spent longer making a figure for their thesis than it took to do the actual experiment.

    Big decision of the night; I have chosen a Braggs law figure for the thesis. #realtimechem #mustbeperfect #perfect-ish

    11. Followed a weird superstition even though they know it's bollocks.


    It doesn't hurt to be careful.

    12. Typed out a reply correcting someone on a scientific inaccuracy, then deleted it before sending.

    And then patted yourself on the back.

    13. Had to double check how to draw a certain diagram, even though it's integral to their work.

    14. Caught up on TV while an experiment was running.


    15. Hidden a piece of equipment to stop other people using it.

    16. Turned up the music and danced around the lab when nobody else was there.

    I have DEFINITELY not been dancing in the lab all day to @jtimberlake's new song. Nope, totally not me.

    17. Written "It is well known that..." in a paper to avoid having to find the original source.


    18. Read their horoscope.


    And got excited when it was positive.

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