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    On A Beach In Wales, Storms Uncover The Haunting Remains Of A 5000-Year Old Forest


    1. Huge storms and gale force winds have stripped away much of the sand from this Welsh beach, revealing a surreal landscape.

    2. The storms removed sand from stretches of the beach between Borth and Ynyslas in Ceredigion, Mid Wales.

    3. Leaving behind the remains of ancient oak trees.

    4. The trees date back to the Bronze Age, between 5500 and 3500 years ago.

    5. (You can count the rings yourself if you like.)

    6. The tree stumps were embedded in peat and conserved by the lack of oxygen.

    7. Usually, the tree stumps can be found one metre below the normal surface of the beach.

    8. They were sometimes visible at low tides before the storms.

    9. But now they're right here for all to see.

    10. Including a new section further north near Ynyslas with the remains of oak and pine trees.

    11. And they look pretty spooky just sitting there.

    12. Casually.

    13. On a BEACH.