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    The Dinosaur That Survived A Mass Extinction

    "All my friends are dead :(" – this dinosaur.

    A dinosaur discovered in Argentina may have lasted beyond a mass extinction event that wiped out the rest of its kind.

    truelight / BuzzFeed

    At the end of the Jurassic period 146 million years ago there was a mass extinction event that scientists thought killed off all of the diplodocids (dinosaurs known for their long necks and tails, including the diplodocus). But this one appears to have survived into the next geological period, known as the Cretaceous.

    To add insult to injury, the scientists have named the dino Leinkupal laticauda, which means “vanishing family”. It's the first of this kind of dinosaur found in South America. Scientists figured out the age of the fossil using the surrounding rocks.

    There were several mass extinction events during the 180 million years that dinosaurs roamed the Earth. The final one happened 66 million years ago and killed all non-avian dinosaurs; only birds survived.

    The findings were published in the journal PLOS One.

    Brb crying all the tears.

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