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The 24 Best Space Moments Of 2013

A new pale blue dot, a Martian iguana and hearing interstellar space for the first time. It was a very good year indeed.

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9. When William Shatner called the ISS and had a chat with Hadfield.

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And asked him about the future of the US space programme! And becoming one with the universe! And dealing with the fear of going to space!

Hadfield's reply to that last one: "You can't live a worthwhile life without taking risks."


14. When the UK got its first ever astronaut.

Flickr: bisgovuk / Creative Commons

Major Tim Peake's 2015 mission to the ISS was announced in May this year. He won't be the first Brit in space, but he's the first astronaut to officially represent the UK.

15. When the LADEE spacecraft launched and looked spectacular.


The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) blasted off from Nasa's Wallops flight facility in Virginia. This is a long exposure that shows the rocket passing over the Assateague Light House.

19. When Voyager 1 left the solar system.*

NASA/JPL/Caltech / Via

*Ok, so that depends on your definition of solar system. But it's definitely in interstellar space now. It's been there since August 2012, though we didn't find out until September 2013.

20. And we heard the sound of interstellar space for the very first time.

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21. When the Cassini spacecraft looked back at Earth and took this photograph of us.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute / Via

Earth is the bright dot on the right in the middle of the photo.

24. And of course when Chris Hadfield covered "Space Oddity" from space and it was the best thing ever.

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