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18 Things That Happen When You're The Only Girl In Your Physics Class

Tell me that girls aren't as good at maths one more time.

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1. Your teacher will learn your name straight away.

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2. So they end up calling on you to answer questions more than everyone else.


3. And would 100% notice if you ever skipped class.

I can't skip AP Physics (even if I wanted to) because I'm the only girl AND the only black person. They'd notice 😂😂

4. When you answer a question in class, you feel like an ambassador for women all over the world.

If you get it wrong it's because girls can't do maths. Obviously.

5. The classroom can become a bit of a boys club.

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All dick jokes, all day.

6. And sometimes THE TEACHER JOINS IN TOO.

Love it when I'm the only girl in physics and the teacher brings out the penis jokes #alevelproblems

Wtf, teacher.

7. You always have to pull your weight in group work, because there's no way you can just blend into the background.

When you're the only girl in AP physics

8. When you have to find a partner for an experiment, either everyone avoids you...

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9. ... or someone is a little bit too keen.

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10. On the plus side, on school physics trips you'll get a room to yourself.

The perks of being the only girl that takes A2 physics #roomtomyself

11. You can go to the bathroom for a really long time in the middle of class and nobody will question what you were doing.

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12. Some people will underestimate your abilities, just because you're a girl.

Only girl in my physics 2 class and all these men treat me like i dont know shit. Watch me break the curve on the exam for you peasants

13. And when you really are struggling on something, it can feel like you have no-one to turn to.

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You don't want people to know you're stuck, because it will feel like proving their misconceptions right.

14. You see pictures like this and are very grateful for the women in physics that came before you.

Marie Curie and a bunch of men at the Solvay Conference in 1927.
Benjamin Couprie, Institut International de Physique de Solvay

Marie Curie and a bunch of men at the Solvay Conference in 1927.

15. While you're happy that the sheer effort required to exist in a boys club doesn't go unnoticed...

I actually got this award today because Im the only girl in BOTH my physics class and my trig class lol #FemaleWinning

16. ...sometimes you'll wish people would forget you're a girl and just treat you like everyone else.

when ur the only girl in ur physics class>>>>

It's nice that the teacher is rooting for you, but it'd also be nice to be treated just like everyone else.

17. And then sometimes you feel like being super girly just to prove glitter and physics aren't mutually exclusive.

When ur the only girl in ap physics.....

18. In the end, it all just makes you more determined to succeed.