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    36 Things That Prove Scientists Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

    It's OK, kittens like being put in zero gravity.

    1. This poor gummy bear.

    2. These ferrofluid Christmas trees.

    3. This actual table.

    4. This lab safety announcement.

    5. This practical joke.

    6. Seriously, never gets old.

    7. This poster.

    8. And this poster.

    9. This highly important experiment featuring liquid nitrogen and Ping-Pong balls.

    10. This wedding seating chart.

    11. This Facebook thread.

    12. This technically correct but not entirely useful sign.

    13. And this one.

    14. This liquid nitrogen-frozen carnation being hit with a hammer.

    15. This highly important lab setup.

    16. This magnificent bar trick.

    17. Nickel-ous Cage.

    18. This Ferrous wheel.

    19. This extremely important experiment.

    20. This jellyfish being covered in green dye to track its movements.

    21. This xkcd/hand sanitiser combination.

    22. This exam question.

    23. And this exam question too.

    24. This bit of brilliance.

    25. This floating piece of paper.

    26. This Facebook spoilsport.

    27. This orange LED being put into liquid nitrogen.

    28. This textbook.

    29. And this lecture question.

    30. This overly contrived acronym.

    31. This textbook illustration.

    32. This lecture slide.

    33. This bathroom graffiti.

    34. This physics exam question.

    35. This balloon of hydrogen being exploded by a toy car.

    36. This kitten in zero G.