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    14 Science Facts To Make You Smarter This Summer

    Why talk about the weather when you can explain why a sunset is red?

    1. We get seasons because Earth is tilted 23.4º on its axis.

    2. The summer solstice doesn't happen very often on Uranus.

    3. Photosynthesis probably uses quantum effects.

    4. Migrating birds might "see" Earth's magnetic field using quantum entanglement.

    5. Campfire flames are visible thanks to decaying electrons.

    6. Inertia keeps you in your roller coaster seat.

    7. Sunsets are red because red light is scattered less by Earth's atmosphere.

    8. You can thank the wavelength of blue light for perfect blue skies too.

    During the day, sunlight passes through less atmosphere as it comes from directly overhead. Blue light is still scattered but not scattered away completely, so the sky looks blue.

    9. Hayfever is caused by three different types of pollen.

    10. Sunflowers use maths to maximise sunlight.

    11. Getting sunburn can damage the DNA in your skin cells.

    12. A bellyflop has exactly the same amount of kinetic energy as a proper dive.

    13. Cicadas expand and contract their exoskeleton to make loud calls.

    14. Sandcastles are held together by water surface tension.

    Thanks to the Perimeter Institute's #PhysicsOfSummer series for some of these facts.