44 Reasons Lancashire Is Better Than Yorkshire

It’s the War of the Roses all over again. And we are winning by a mile.

1. First of all, let’s make it clear we’re talking about historic boundaries here. This is true Lancashire:

BuzzFeed / Wikimedia Commons

We’re going to use “Lancs.” instead of “Greater Manchester” as our address and you can’t stop us.

2. Yorkshire may have the North York Moors, but we have some pretty dramatic countryside too.

Graham Beck

This is a view across to the Ribble Valley, taken from the eastern slope of Pendle Hill.

3. Lots of it.

Kevin Eaves

The River Ribble wending through fields near Clitheroe, with Longridge Fell in the distance.

4. See.

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5. Even Blackpool can look pretty special.

Flickr: gidzy / Creative Commons

6. Prefer fewer illuminations? There’s this beautiful beach at Formby.

Kelly Loughlin Photography

(Sun not guaranteed.)

Seriously just look at that beach.

Flickr: gavinwray / Creative Commons

7. And right behind it is a wood with some of the last remaining red squirrels in the UK.



Which apart from anything else are just so amazingly cute.

Flickr: peterallen / Creative Commons

8. Lancashire has some excellent place names.


Nob End is a former waste site that’s now a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

9. And we know when to (sliiightly) vandalise a sign for the sake of a pun.

Flickr: wrboyce / Creative Commons

10. Would you see someone in Yorkshire deliver a pizza like this Salford driver did?

No you would not.

11. The first fish and chip shop in the north of England opened in Lancashire.

Flickr: 71256895@N00 / Creative Commons

As early as 1863, it is believed that entrepreneur John Lees was selling fish and chips out of a wooden hut at Mossley market, near Oldham.

12. Lancashire is basically the pie capital of the world.

Holland’s Pies are based here and they are hands down the best (though sadly this sign, near Accrington, was not permanent).

13. I mean, we invented the butter pie.

Flickr: atomicshed / Creative Commons

For the uninitiated, it’s buttery mash in a pie, and was first made for Lancashire’s Catholic population to eat on Friday’s when they couldn’t have meat. It’s also perfect hangover food, if you can get it.

14. And the Wigan Slappy.

Whoever first thought to put a meat pie in a barm cake deserves an MBE.

15. Though admittedly some take the whole pie thing a bit too far.

16. Lots of Lancashire has soft water so you can make a decent cup of tea.

Andrew Bret Wallis

17. We make the best Parkin. And bonfire toffee.



Something to do with those treacle mines in Sabden?

18. Eccles cakes and simnel cake.



19. We invented Vimto, the greatest of all the cordials.

Flickr: eepaul / Creative Commons

Flickr: carmen-fotostream / Creative Commons


Vimto was created in 1908 in a warehouse in Manchester as a health tonic. In 1913 it as was rebranded as a cordial.

20. And of course the Lancashire hot pot, as well as a ton of other great food.

@sophie89xx on Instagram


Don’t ever move down south they don’t know what black peas are and its awful.

21. Black puddings > Yorkshire puddings.

The reigning champion, Huseyin Ozluk from Ramsbottom, won the 2013 competition last September.

22. We know how to have a proper night out.

23. Some of the best bands are from Lancashire.

Rough Trade

Factory Records

Factory Records


24. It’s kind of embarrassing how many there are tbh.



Factory Records


25. Seriously.


Beggars Banquet



26. We have the most successful football team in Premier League history.

Darren Staples / Reuters

27. Remember school trips to Camelot?


Who needs Alton Towers when you have a theme park that runs jousting tournaments? (Sadly Camelot closed in 2012 :( )

28. And the Museum of Science and Industry.


Where you’d run straight to the interactive bit and promptly break all the exhibits.

29. And the yearly pilgrimage to Blackpool Illuminations.

Flickr: redrosevicar / Creative Commons

30. Lancashire played a huge role in the Industrial Revolution.

By the 1830s, around 85% of all cotton manufactured worldwide was processed in Lancashire.

31. And showed the rest of the country how to make a proper canal.

John Smith

The Bridgewater Canal that connects Runcorn, Manchester and Leigh was the first true canal in England.

32. As well as how to do feminism properly.

Emmeline Pankhurst who led the suffragette movement was born and raised in Moss Side, Manchester.

33. The first “test tube baby” was born in Oldham.

Chris Radburn/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Louise Brown was the first child conceived using IVF. She was born in Oldham Hospital in 1978 and now has children of her own.

34. Oldham also invented the tubular bandage.

Flickr: 56278705@N05 / Creative Commons

35. We were first to split the atom.

Rutherford did it in 1917 in his lab at what is now the University of Manchester.

36. But we’re not resting on our laurels. Wonder material graphene was isolated at Manchester Uni in 2003.

Patrik Osterberg / Getty Images

In 2010 Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery.

37. If it wasn’t for Lancashire the world wouldn’t have Danny Boyle, so no amazing Olympics opening ceremony.

Romina at romina.co



38. We’ve got ruins.

Flickr: redrosevicar / Creative Commons

39. Valleys.

Flickr: jeztorrance / Creative Commons

40. Beautiful nature reserves.

Flickr: bevgoodwin / Creative Commons

41. And magnificent town halls.


42. Oh and we have the Trafford Centre.

Flickr: hamedmasoumi / Creative Commons

Ok, ok. But do you remember how excited you were when it first opened?! For three golden years it was the biggest shopping centre in the UK. Try to remember the good old days.

43. Manchester even manages to look nice when it rains.

Which it handy because it rains A LOT.

44. But the best thing about Lancashire? It’s not Yorkshire.

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