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    14 Pictures That Will Make You See Your Brain In A Whole New Light

    "The brain is wider than the sky." Here's how it works.

    1. Your brain is full of billions of neurons that communicate with each other.

    2. Neurons branch out from their central cell body into "dendrites" which are studded with spines.

    3. Information travels over very long distances through nerve fibres called axons.

    4. These nerve fibres are covered in a fatty insulating substance called myelin.

    5. Connections between neurons are called synapses.

    6. You have four times as many glial cells as neurons in your cerebral cortex.

    7. Your brain's left and right hemispheres communicate with each other.

    8. These images show the "wiring" in the brain's of a newborn baby (left) and an adult of 75.

    9. MRI scans can show which parts of our brain are "active" during particular tasks.

    10. There are cells in your brain that track where you are in space.

    11. Your hippocampus helps you navigate.

    12. Electrical signals from individual neurons in the brain look like this.

    13. Autism is more common in men than women because men only have one X chromosome.

    14. Some animals can regenerate parts of their central nervous system.

    You can see these images and more at an exhibition by the University of Edinburgh in St Andrew Square, Edinburgh until 4 July.