Now You Can Drink Beer That Contains Real Moon Dust

Perfect to numb the pain of not being an astronaut.

1. A brewery in Delaware is offering a new beer called ‘Celest-jewel-ale’ that could legitimately be described as out of this world.

Flickr: heady / Creative Commons

2. Because it’s brewed with real moon dust.

Apparently they got the dust from a company up the road from them that makes space suits for NASA.

3. This is what Dogfish Head Brewery have to say:

Celest-jewel-ale is made with lunar meteorites that have been crushed into dust, then steeped like tea in a rich, malty Oktoberfest. These certified moon jewels are made up primarily of minerals and salts, helping the yeast-induced fermentation process and lending this traditional German style a subtle but complex earthiness. (Or is it mooniness?)

4. Unfortunately, you’ll have to go to their pub in Delaware to taste the ale. But you will get to drink it from a glass protected by real space suit material.

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Kelly Oakes is science editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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