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27 Faces Everyone With A PhD Knows Far Too Well

Please, keep complaining about the workload at your 9-to-5 job. I'll just be over here reformatting my thesis for the hundredth time.

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1. The "My supervisor just asked for an unexpected meeting" face.

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2. The "Oh, he just wants me to run an errand he can't be bothered with" face.

3. The "Whyyyyyyyyy is my experiment not working today" face.

4. The "My aunt just asked me when I'm going to get a real job" face.

5. The "OMG my first paper got accepted!" face.

6. The "Sure I can take on an extra master's student, not like I'm busy or anything" face.

7. The "Do I look like Google?" face.

8. The "My funding runs out next month and I haven't got all my results" face.

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9. The "No, YOU watched Netflix all weekend instead of writing up" face.

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10. The "Maybe I just need to tweak the cover page a bit more" face.

11. The "Oh god where do I even start" face.

12. The "I'm writing up and haven't left the house for literally weeks" face.

13. The "Don't you dare ask me how my thesis is going" face.

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14. The "Just one more cup of coffee" face.

I've had too much coffee and now my heart wants to explode. #PhDproblems

15. The "Why yes, I did just submit" face.

Paparazzi shot of me submitting my thesis just moments ago. #PhD #PhDChat #ItsOver

16. The "You got WHO to be my external examiner?!" face.

17. The "Jesus fucking Christ my viva is tomorrow" face.

18. The "No please, please don't ask me about that" face.

19. The "Ok, I got this" face.

20. The "Accepted with major revisions" face.

21. The "Accepted with minor revisions" face.


22. The "Accepted with no revisions IN YOUR FACE" face.

23. The "That viva was actually quite fun" face.


24. The "I just passed and now I'm going to get absolutely smashed" face.

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25. The "I finally made it! Hello outside world!" face.

26. The "Shit, what do I do with my life now?" face.

27. The "You can call me Doctor" face.